Xbox One OverCooked/Overcooked 2 Video Game


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Hi, so in today's podcast I discuss the XBox One Video Game Overcooked/Overcooked 2 rated E for everyone although I think it probably should have a 10+ on this rating given the game's difficulty. Overall my daughter & I enjoy playing this game. I'm not sure how many levels it has we are only currently on level 2 in Overcooked 2 we did agree that Overcooked was harder than it's sequel . But it is fun to play even with having to do some kitchens in the levels 2 or 3 times even to maybe get only 1 of 3 stars. You do have to get at least 1 star in order to move on throughout the levels/kitchens. Some kitchens have more complicated recipes or obstacles. I'd also say it's a game where 1 person probably has to take a lead and the other player or players have to kind of be like sous chefs. Recipes in the game so far that we've seen involve chopping meats or vegetables, cooking noodles or rice in pots on stoves that if you overcook you have to use a fire extinguisher to put out fire or it'll spread throughout the kitchen, skillets for cooking meats or veggies, and even deep fryers. Thanks for listening. Stay safe & healthy. Remember to be kind.

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