How to Master Your Negative Thoughts and Use Them for Good


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On Today's Episode:
How often do negative thoughts leave you triggered, insecure, doubtful and feeling stuck in darkness that you want to escape? Negativity at work, in social media, and at home can make it feel impossible to escape. In this episode, Tom is answering 6 common questions to help you overcome negativity. Spoiler alert! It comes down to what you decide to pursue and focus on, and going after it with everything you’ve got. You cannot escape negativity, but you can take note of these powerful tactics and put them into action starting today.
Self Punishment | Negative thoughts affecting self worth, how to let yourself off the hook [0:46]
Toxic Relationship | Know what’s effective in next relationship & what you can do different [4:32]
Self Awareness | Reframe negative feelings & identify what’s triggering your insecurities [9:51]
Negative People | Dealing with people that are hyper negative & not ready to change [20:02]
Dark Side Power | Leverage negativity and anger to motivate and not be consumed by it [23:31]
Self Doubt |The only belief that matters, you are adaptable, acquire skills & go after it [29:12]
Book Mentioned: Lisa Barret, How Emotions Are Made
“...every human being should only ever do and believe that which moves them towards their goal.” [1:40]
“...we know that humans can be incredibly selfish, but whatever you look for you're going to find. [....] it doesn't matter what you look at, it matters what you see.” [6:20]
“I live my life the way I'm going to live it. I don't join them in negativity. [...] I don't want them to feel judged. I don't want to put distance between us.” [22:43]
“when you're actually 80% of the way there 90% of the way there, really close to being fully spent, the thing that I lean on in that moment, is the dark side.” [25:47]

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