If You Struggle with Anxiety, These Tricks Could Save Your Life


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On Today's Episode:
There was a time in my life when I was completely debilitated by anxiety. Fortunately, I have put in a lot of work over the years and studied to understand neurochemically what was happening to me when anxiety would step in to ruin the day. In this Q & A, I am answering 6 common questions about anxiety and laying out the exact process I use and the logic you’ll need to start mastering your own anxiety with time and effort. I remember how hopeless I felt and I now know how simple and effective some of these tips are to put into practice. Action cures all and the sooner you implement these tips the sooner you can start to feel superhuman and reach your true potential.
Rehearsing Failure | Tom on why rehearsing failure of what hasn’t happened is [3:07]
Breaking Cycle | 2 steps to beat anxiety with a pattern interrupt and & empower thought [7:32]
Physical Adrenaline | Tom’s experience changing his neurochemistry with meditation [10:11]
Breathing | Returning to total calm in 45 minutes or less with diaphragmatic breathing [16:42]
Social Anxiety | Pattern interrupt & focus on your goal, what others think can’t stop you [21:01]
Generalized Anxiety | Having many triggers for anxiety and anxiety outside of the norm [25:14]
Anxiety Benefit | Tom explains how mild anxiety can be useful but still gets checked [30:46]
Physical Tension | When your body gets wired to mental negativity and holds tension [32:39]
“We want to use the empowering thoughts as mental jujitsu.” [24:00]
“You will become whatever you repeat.” [24:42]
“Because I'm not a born entrepreneur, getting into business was this incredibly anxiety provoking endeavor, the stakes were so high, I felt like I was constantly on stage” [26:12]
“I started saying to myself, ‘let failure surprise you’. So when I succeed, I'm never surprised because I've rehearsed the shit out of success.” [28:45]
“I started rehearsing success, and I just said, I'm going to let failure take me totally by surprise if it ever happens” [29:44]
“Failure is the most information rich data stream in the world.” [33:32]

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