Gary Taubes: Lose Fat, Get Healthy and Start Cutting Out Sugar to Become Metabolically Healthy


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In a perfect world, we can all eat exactly the same and everyone gains and loses weight the exact same way. Unfortunately, in reality you may have a friend that can kill a whole pizza, have dessert and eat extra fries without gaining an ounce of weight. Others seem to put on weight even looking at a plate of food. What’s the deal? Why is it so easy for some people to gain weight and so hard for others. Why are so many people still sold on the calories in and calories out solution to obesity and weight control? Gary Taubes is an investigative science and health journalist and bestselling author. His latest book, The Case for Keto, tackles a lot of the misinformation around calories and why some people struggle with losing weight even when calories are restricted to the point of a starvation diet. We are led to believe that overeating is the problem, but what if eating too much isn’t what’s making you fat? What if your partner's problem is really how sensitive their body is to storing fat? This interview may be the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you and the people you love make the right diet changes, today.
Check out Gary’s latest book, The Case for Keto:
0:00 | Introduction to Gary Taubes
1:27 | Overeating or Just Overweight
9:24 | Starvation Storing More Fat
18:27 | Quantify Excess Calories
24:48 | Hunger & Energy Burning
30:31 | Insulin Resistant
37:33 | Sensitivity of Fat Storing Cells
43:33 | American Carb Diet Problem
50:10 | A Fat Storage Problem
56:34 | Eat For Your Body Type
“As long as insulin is elevated, your body's being told not to burn the fat, but the burn the carbs. So if insulin is elevated, carbohydrates are your fuel.” [35:28]
“Carbohydrates are fattening to those of us who fatten easily, not all of us are susceptible [...] if we want to get significant fat out of our fat cells and keep it out, then we have to minimize insulin” [39:30]
“If you're overweight, you have to carb restrict. It's not about eating less, it's about lowering insulin levels.” [58:15]
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