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It’s a new year, and people everywhere are looking for ways to improve their productivity so that they can crush their goals.
But no matter what productivity system you use, you’ll still have trouble reaching your goals if counterproductive habits are holding you back.
Maybe you have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, or aren’t sure which project to tackle first.
Or perhaps you’re constantly plagued by procrastination, always having a hard time getting past the starting block.
Whatever issues around productivity and self-management you may have, this episode of Impact Theory has you covered.
In it, I answer some of the most common questions I get around productivity, procrastination, time management, and goal-setting.
00:00 | Introduction
00:33 | Is Procrastination a Habit or a Symptom of Anxiety?
05:31 | How to Regain Focus on One Thing
08:11 | How to Manage a Hectic Workload
14:04 | Developing Discipline & Time Management Skills
19:08 | Coordinating Time Management With Your Partner
“I know if I'm chilling on a Monday at 1pm, I know I have a problem. I'm outside of the bright lines that I have drawn for myself, which is Monday through Friday, if I'm awake, I'm either working or working out. ” [03:32]
“We don't want to work until we crash - that doesn't make sense. So we're going to take that off the table, because that's like running a marathon and saying, ‘I'm going to run the first mile at a four minute mile pace, and then, whatever - the rest will take care of itself.’” [08:33]
“Remember, doing less is always an option. Now I'm the go hardcore, the push, push, push guy, I love hustle, porn, all of that. But I'm telling you, nothing matters more than fulfillment and joy. And if you're burning yourself out, and you're stressed, and you're crashing, that's not joyful.” [10:59]
“We're not doing discipline because our parents tell us to - we're doing discipline as a test to see if it works to get us towards our goal.” [14:44]
“You want to make it such that you want it badly enough that the discipline becomes easy to stick to, because it's going to move you towards that thing that you really want. But you've got to learn - you've got to learn to want that thing.” [17:46]
“You must establish a value system. There's no right or wrong answer to your values, there's only things that either move you towards your goal, or move you away from your goal.” [20:31]

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