Ep. 122 - The Power of Astrology + Natal Charts with Oath Oracle


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Today, Ayesha aka Oath Oracle joins Chelsea to share all of her cosmic knowledge on astrology, natal charts, the planets, signs, and more!

Tune in to learn about how understanding astrology and natal charts can empower you in business and life.

Ayesha is a visionary astrologer and business oracle, passionate about transforming past trauma into power & freedom. She guides visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and intuitives around the globe to create prosperity with their soul work + strategies aligned to their unique Astrological blueprint.

Her vision is New Paradigm conscious business that allows us to explore our highest Potential, own our Power, and stand in our Purpose, creating overflowing abundance in integrity with our values.

You can find Ayesha on https://www.oathoracle.com/ or @oath.oracle. You can also book a reading at https://oath.as.me/schedule.php

You can find Chelsea on chelseariffe.com

You can also join her 1:1 coaching at chelseariffe.com/one-on-one-coaching

@chelseariffe + @nonexpertopinionpod, visit www.inmynonexpertopinion.com, or write into hello@inmynonexpertopinion.com

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