Election Podcast 2020 – And What are Coups and How they Work


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Election Day 2020 is almost here. In this podcast I share a few thoughts on our local election. I talk about the need to get some food, and resources together in the next few days – just in case things get wonky. I talk about the need to get your ballot physically to the ballot box or vote in person (most vote my mail is not assured to get in by now!) And I talk about what is a coup, how do coups work, and how regular people have stopped coups in the past.

I like you am hoping to see a blue wave and a Biden Presidency, A democratic senate, and a held majority in the house – but we most likely won’t know when ALL ballots are counted for several days if not a week or two – SO BE READY. And if the majority of people go for Trump and republican control and the people vote for that legitimately – I won’t like it but I will accept it.

However if – ANYONE – Stops counting votes; Declares someone a winner who didn’t get the most votes; or Allows someone to stay in power who didn’t win the election. This would be a COUP. In this I talk about the steps regular people have taken over time and in history to stop attempted illegitimate power coups with nonviolent action and civil disobedience. Again hope this is totally not needed and was just a thought exercise.

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