How to Set And Enforce Boundaries


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In today’s podcast we will look at how to set and enforce personal and relational boundaries with others. We all know about the concept of “house rules” the guides and expectations that help us get a sense what we should and should not do in a space.

Boundaries work the same way with people! For this podcast is was guided and inspired by an article by Psych Central on 10 ways to set and enforce boundaries 1. Name your limits. 2. Tune into your feelings. 3. Be direct. 4. Give yourself permission. 5. Practice self-awareness. 6. Consider your past and present. 7. Make self-care a priority. 8. Seek support. 9. Be assertive. 10. Start small. and I added 11. At First your boundres are not going to be popular with anyone, don’t focus on the RIGHT NOW – focus on the why this matters later!

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