The Enemy is In-A-Me


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Todays podcast looks deeply at the idea of what is the enemy. Is enemy the best word to use when working against others for the acknowledgement of humanity? Is opponent better or does that still imply the person is the problem. Does opposition work better to focus on the forces not the people.

This podcast will look at how it is SO easy to see the enemy inside another, the hard to see enemy with in-a-them. The why the enemy within a them drives them to be and act that way.

It will look at the enemy within a me which makes us “other” and think of those working towards other ends are against ours into an enemy. How we create those enemies with our actions. And we will look at the enemy within which keeps us from our fullest humanity.

Lastly we will look at these forces and learn how this propensity to hide the enemy within is something that keeps us from a sense of human connection with other. We will look at how we can hold the enemy which is in-a-me accountable and become responsible for our own healing – which creates a chance to heal others.

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