Wanna Change the World? Change your Communication!


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In this podcast we will look at the idea that we need to own the responsibility to be our best self. In our Heart first, then in changing what we think and believe, then speaking that belief (or Be-life) into being.

It starts by creating the new opportunity of a new reality into being within us just by dwelling on what we want to be, what type of people we want into our life, by adding our belief to what we want to see.

Then it starts to over time, the more we think it, the more we say it, over and over it starts to attract who we want in our lives. As well as the thoughts and ideas we believe in as well.

It will start to change the people already in our life as they will no doubt are personal attempts to be our best self around them. They will have an inner want to reciprocate our ways of being back to us.

Or they will chose to leave by not appreciating the energy we are doing around them! They won’t enjoy your presence any more because you and the “world” around your presence is no longer amenable to them! That way the world changes! It starts with that heart change, then the mind change and with our speaking and acting that new reality into being.

If this was a blessing to you EMAIL me at inclusiveactivism@cox.net or keep track of me and the good I am up to at www.inclusiveactivism.com or comment your thoughts below too! Share with someone you want to change the world with. And you can help me change the world with a referral to someone else or a review of the podcast too!

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