FT 081: How to Shoot a Feature Film in Two Days with Grant Pichla


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Today on the show we have a director who shot a time travel feature film in two days, his name is Grant Pichla and his film is called Making Time. Making Time's 110 pages were shot in just two crazy, fast-paced days, separated by seven months and a house renovation. After traveling back in time, a divorced workaholic must repeat his past footsteps in order to return to an unaltered present but struggles when it means re-proposing to his ex-wife. How'd they shot​ a full movie in 2 days? This documentary series explains it all. This remarkable documentary is available on Indie Film Hustle TV. Grant and I discuss the insanity of shooting a film in two days, how he came up with this crazy idea, and what it took to put this beast together. Enjoy my conversation with Grant Pichla.

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