NLS 010: How Conscience Content Can Change the World with Kia Kiso


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Just over two decades ago, media influencing was an exclusive privilege. There is no denying the irrepressible nature the media has morphed into. The media’s accessible interactions, technology, and information have taken on a persuasive essence, thus the need for a more conscious media. That’s why I brought on Kia Kiso today. She’s a founding member of the Producers Guild of America Social Impact Entertainment Task Force. An expert at teaching and creating content across various media streams, that impact awareness and have a purpose. Kia is a multiple award-winning television, documentary, commercial, and film executive producer and entrepreneur, with a deep passion for uplifting the entertainment world by creating systemic change through her storytelling and helping others to do the same. Having spent decades in the industry, she’s witnessed firsthand, the glorification of drama-filled and negative entertainment that hinder many from experiencing higher consciousness and being agents of change. So, she took up the mantle. In 2014, Kia founded Conscious Media Visionaries, a consortium of individuals and companies joining together to promote and create entertainment that has a positive impact on the world. It provides the industry with the necessary data and resources it needs so impactful entertainment projects are financed and distributed to those who are eager to see them. She’s also the CEO of Zaza Productions, a company that aims at entertaining and inspiring through its work, in ways that will create more well-being for our audiences, and ultimately the world. The added value Kia brings to the industry is consistently mindfulness-oriented and in a quest for positive outcomes. Our conversation analyzes the realities we all face in our interactions with social media, films, or broadcast media. It was a pleasure speaking to Kia. Enjoy!

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