Cliff Kincaid : Red Star Rising, America's 1st Marxist President Barack Obama


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For more information, please check out the Show Notes here: Key Points How the American Intelligence Community enabled our first Marxist President, Barack Hussein Obama How the current revelations about corruption in the FBI relate to Obama Why the Intelligence Community has been so determined to go after President Trump The loophole in our system that allows a hard-wired Marxist like Obama to be elected president How Obama got elected: we relied on the media, and the media suppressed the truth What better act of diversion than to accuse President Trump of being a Soviet agent when in fact it was Obama who was? The stunning way that the Communist Chinese state-controlled media referred to Obama, which makes clear that they consider him a fellow communist How Obama's presidency was designed to support both the communist and Muslim enemies of the United States While Obama did tremendous damage with this foreign policy, his domestic cultural Marxist agenda was also extremely destructive Why it is impossible to be a "gay conservative" The tremendous importance of new media today

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