Chief Information Officer (CIO) Role 2021: Opportunities and Challenges


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How should Chief Information Officers allocate time, resources, budget, and planning for 2021? One of the most world's most prominent CIO influencers shares his advice.
In this discussion, we explore the following topics:
-- What is a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?
-- Characteristics of innovative CIOs
-- What challenges do CIOs face?
-- Organizational politics and the CIO
-- CIO investment and innovation
-- Future of the CIO role in 2021 and beyond
Peter High is an expert in business and information technology strategy and a trusted advisor to a wide array of business and tech executives ranging across Fortune 500 companies in various industries.
He is author of the upcoming book Getting to Nimble: How to Transform Your Company Into a Digital Leader, which will be released in March. Featuring insights from executives at Capital One, Domino's Pizza, The Washington Post, FedEx and other leading firms, the book offers a framework and best practices companies can use to transform their people practices, processes, technologies, ecosystems, and strategies for the digital era.
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