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This week on ‘Has It Aged Well?’ we turn the clock back to the 80s for a film that served as a comeback vehicle for Rekha but is also known for giving crocodiles their fair share of fame in Bollywood. Yes, we are indeed talking about the cult classic ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’. Joining hosts Abbas and Urjita is stand-up comedian and writer Aayushi Jagad, who went above and beyond in showing her dedication to the movie by turning up in the iconic contact lenses and make up that Rekha sports in the film. 10/10 for dedication. Topics discussed include: The costume and make-up choices for Rekha, Kabir Bedi’s butt, animal sidekicks and why we don’t see them anymore, Rajesh Roshan’s audacity at copying the tune from ‘Chariots of Fire’, the killer croc and its choices, Tom Alter as Amrikan doctor, the bizarrest comedic subplot starring Shobha Khote, Kader Khan being creepy and comedic, the film’s feminist messaging and much more.

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