509: Trusting Yourself and Staying Focused | Tim Chatfield


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Tim Chatfield is an advocate for the sharing economy, savvy executive, and an entrepreneur.

He was born in Australia, spent several years starting his career, before spending almost five years in Singapore as CEO of Viocorp.

In mid-2016, with his 3-year-old daughter and wife – who was seven months pregnant at the time – moved to New York City to launch his company Jitjatjo. Now four years later, JitJatJo is a marketplace and platform leveraging artificial intelligence to instantly and accurately match hospitality businesses with vetted industry workers on demand.

2020 and all that has thrown at us has caused all businesses to adapt and change to the new normals as they come, and JitJatJo's place within the hospitality industry exacerbated their need to adapt and change quickly.

Now, let's hack...

Tim Chatfield.

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