BioShock 4 Going Open World - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.14.21


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Blessing and Andy talk about Bioshock going open world, Sucker Punch going multiplayer, and updates on the Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

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00:04:34 - Housekeeping

  • A new episode of Gamescast is now live and it’s a full episode of Reader Mail. We answer the question “What is the Snyder Cut of gaming?”. You can catch that on Youtube and podcast services.
  • Going up today: you’re going to get our live reactions to Nintendo’s Indie World showcase on You’re also getting our reactions to the new Fast 9 trailer on
  • The Roper Report -

00:05:51 - BioShock 4 is looking to be an open world game

00:17:57 - Speaking of job listings: Sucker Punch is hiring for a multiplayer game

00:25:44 - Naughty Dog says it’s still struggling with multi-project development

00:34:17 - Ad

00:37:11 - Is Sonic Real?

00:42:14 - The new PS5 update has some nice surprises in it

00:49:27 - E3 has announced Media Partners

00:51:47 - Nintendo Indie World showcase BIGGEST headlines

00:55:54 - Out today

00:57:00 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg and Tim

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