Rockstar Apologizes for GTA: Trilogy - Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.19.21


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Blessing and Janet unite to once again talk about GTA trilogy along with Halo Infinite campaign expectations, if Xbox could delist Call of Duty, and more.

Time Stamps -

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00:05:54 - Housekeeping

Next week is Thanksgiving week in the United States and so no KFGD or livestreams after Tuesday of next week.

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The Roper Report -

00:07:08 - Rockstar apologizes - a post on Rockstar’s website

00:20:06 - Halo Infinite campaign co-op and Forge mode suffer further delays - Tom Ivan @ VGC

00:26:50 - Halo Infinite Campaign Preview Round-up

00:38:20 - Ad

00:41:30 - Phil Spencer "evaluating" Xbox relationship with Activision Blizzard following Kotick allegations - James Batchelor @ GiBiz

00:49:26 - Forza Horizon 5 Had 'The Biggest First Week in Xbox History' - Jared Moore @ IGN

00:52:40 - Out today

00:58:00 - Squad Up:rocketguardian(Xbox/pc)

00:58:27 - You‘re Wrong

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