128: Your Job on Stage Is Not What You Think It Is!- The Great Storyteller’s Secret with Chip Brewer


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“Relationship is the foundation of all stories that are told. If you can't find a relationship, you're probably not telling a story.” -Chip Brewer

Storytelling is as old as human history, and knowing this reminds us that this ancient art still runs in our blood. This week, I am thrilled to speak with improv speaker, author, and storyteller Chip Brewer. Chip has been performing improvs for more than 20 years now and is passionate about teaching his secrets to those who want to get better at this craft.

Storytelling is the heart of marketing. Without stories, no business will exist. And it’s not because companies have to keep their customers entertained, but because behind every sale is a story that resonates with a customer’s unique experience. Yet, some may argue that storytelling is not a language they can speak well. Indeed, some people are more linguistically sharp than others, but as entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and leaders always on the stage, storytelling is a highway to reach your vision.

In this episode, Chip discusses big topics such as teamwork, storytelling, and stagecraft. He shares how man’s desire and innate ability to tell and listen to stories can help promote your brand and establish a solid connection to others. Learn the fundamentals, key elements, structure, and rules of storytelling and improv. As a treat, Chip also shares some exercises and games to help you hone your storytelling skills.

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Episode Highlights:

01:20 What is Improv About?

06:49 Improv and Your Career

09:08 The Virtuous Cycle of Improv ( The Agreement Game)

11:53 The Fundamental Rule of Improv

16:00 How to Listen Actively (Exercise)

20:00 What Happens Next?

24:35 The Structure, Key Elements, and Rules of Story-Telling

32:55 Let the Word Do the Work

37:55 Things to Remember on Stage

44:10 A Novel for Thrill Lovers!

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