130: Committed to Being in Control of Your Financial Future with Sarah Murray


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“Start early. It's easier to get your mind around the numbers when you're smaller and when the numbers are easier. And then when you grow, you already have a foundation of understanding the numbers. Knowing the numbers is not contrary to running a business that has good values. It's actually an essential support to it.” -Sarah Murray

Founded by Sarah Murray, Trialcraft endeavors to help their clients craft persuasive cases in the pretrial, in-trial, and up to post trial services. Sarah has spent over 20 years helping clients craft winning strategies and develop the best practices for litigation cases. Although her business was complicated from the get go, Sarah’s experience in academia and corporate gave her wisdom to transition successfully and keep growing.

The entrepreneur's journey is already complicated as it is. Imagine having to face it alone with growing responsibilities and keeping up with the fast pace business world. This is why many business owners get swamped at some point. This week, Sarah and I will talk about one of the rarely discussed problems in the industry-- TOO MUCH BUSINESS.

Sarah shares her struggles in building her business and making sure it continues to grow and the people working for her are paid accordingly. In this episode, we talked about managing stressful periods, finding the right people to work with, recreating and taking care of yourself, knowing your numbers, and planning for a successor.

Entrepreneurs have a lot to overcome in their journey, but there is not enough consulting help out there. If you are a business owner trying to navigate through the overwhelming years of entrepreneurship, click the link below to learn how you can be in control of your financial future:


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Episode Highlights:

01:45 The Essence of Entrepreneurship

10:03 Building Confidence as an Entrepreneur

16:09 Too Much Business

21:43 Take Care of Yourself Better

27:32 Failure Not Failure

30:45 Master the Numbers

37:46 Succession Planning

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