The One thing holding you back from being your own greatest project


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Hello beautiful people, Seasons greetings! The name of this episode should speak for itself and is my favourite episode yet. This one is close to my heart because the discoveries I share in this episode sparked my personal journey of unlocking my purpose and potential. It also touches on the brain science and biology that either hinders or helps harness our power! This has become something I am passionate about sharing with everyone I know, meet and have the privilege to coach, mentor and influence through the work I do. I do hope this benefits and encourages you as much as I intend it to! Please feel free to contact me with your feedback on the content thus far, believe me I'm planning on having it take many more interesting turns. I would be so happy and grateful if you 1) gave this podcast a 5 star rating and review, 2) passed this episode along to your friends and 3) shared and screenshot and biggest takeaway from this episode on your socials! Please feel free to email me via and let's chat more about the content you liked and would like to hear in future! Many thanks and blessings to you :)

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