The man that maketh the qualification


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Hi all! Sorry for the delayed, it's been pretty wild over here. But here is the second episode of the podcast for you. It picks up on some of themes from episode 1 on becoming who we are meant to be and really leaning into the clues along our paths but also not being so hard on ourselves for the earlier choices we are 'forced' to make (listen to the full episode for context). I want to stress that this episode really is for everyone not just younger people making career decisions. The key takeaway I hope you get is that we really do get to carve out our own paths and reinvent ourselves, which is in fact a necessity, in this dynamic, ever-evolving and interesting world! May we never limit and box ourselves in and instead keep pursuing our true potential. Hope you enjoy this one. Please feel free to contact me with your feedback on the content thus far, believe me I'm planning on having it take many more interesting turns. I would be so happy and grateful if you 1) gave this podcast a 5 star rating and review, 2) passed this episode along to your friends and 3) shared and screenshot and biggest takeaway from this episode on your socials! Please feel free to email me via and let's chat more about the content you liked and would like to hear in future! Many thanks and blessings to you :)

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