National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


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Opening (0:00) A day school survivor hopes today gives people a chance to reflect but also look to the future. She's using this day to remind people of what happened. (1:56) Two events, one public and one private, will take place in St. Johns today to mark the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. (10:40) As we've mentioned today is the National day for Truth and Reconciliaiton. but it's also orange shirt day .. (16:42) We have an update on the inquiry into the the treatment of Innu children in government care in Newfoundland and Labrador. (19:12) We hear from the Nunatsiavut Government about how the process of taking over their child welfare system is going and why doing this was so important. (28:07) It's a valuable skill and one Lydia doesn't want to see go. She's working to help anyone who wants to learn and speak Inuktitut. (36:44) Dean believes the reclamation of the Mi'kmaq language is important because it returns part of Indigenous identity that has been taken away by settlers. (42:37) We join a boat tour bringing Elders to see some special Innu places in Northern Labrador. It was organized during the Elders Gathering in Natuashish this summer, and we'll hear why keeping memories alive is so important to families. (53:32) The Inuit drum takes time and practice.... Something one 13-year-old instructor has been putting in a lot. (1:07) It's high intensity with strikes and the potential for home runs... Kickball is always a hit at the Manishan Nui Gathering (1:15) Reconciliation with Judge Jim - A feature interview with James Igloiorte ... better known as judge jim. (1:22) Goodbye (1:34)

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