Law of Self Defense News/Q&A Show: June 24, 2021


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Welcome to this episode of our ONLY open-access content, our weekly News/Q&A Show. A transcript of the show is available at the Law of Self Defense Blog (, with links to all relevant content mentioned.

In today's News/Q&A Show for June 24, 2021 we touched on a broad range of questions submitted for the show, as well as questions submitted live, including:


· Mark McCloskey Gets Himself a New AR-15 Pattern Rifle

· Home Invader Permitted to Argue Self-Defense for Killing Homeowner


· Come home, find stranger in home, can you just shoot him?

· Neighbor asks couple arguing outside home at 11pm to be quiet, while neighbor has shotgun slung over back. Unlawful brandishing?

· Armed robber has leg in cast, victim is athletic, would it not be reasonable to expect victim to retreat rather than fight?


· VIDEO: Andrew’s victorious 2014 Stand-Your-Ground debate at UC Berkeley Law School

· VIDEO: “Downfall” parody video re: SYG debate victory.

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