Law of Self Defense News/Q&A Show: June 3, 2021


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Welcome to this episode of our ONLY open-access content, our weekly News/Q&A Show. A transcript of the show is available at the Law of Self Defense Blog (, with links to all relevant content mentioned.

In today's News/Q&A Show for June 3, 2021 we touched on a broad range of questions submitted for the show, as well as questions submitted live, including:


  • Activists Protest “Persecution” Of Keith Davis Jr. After New Attempted Murder Charges
  • Despite denouncing police brutality, online retailers sold coins commemorating bad behavior by cops
  • State seeks 30 years for Chauvin; defense wants time served
  • Father-son shootout in Jefferson leads to arrest warrants


  • What about errant rounds fired in self-defense?
  • Rancher Finds 20 Men Squatting on Hunting Cabin: Can He Remove?

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