EP 262: Embodying Secure Attachment-At Ease, Expansive, and Peaceful


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“But what does Secure Attachment FEEL like?”

I get asked this question quite a bit.

So I wanted to do an episode specific to the emotions of a securely attached relationship.

A secure relationship IS NOT:

  • Abusive in any way
  • Walking on eggshells
  • Becoming less of of yourself

A securely attached relationship feels:


-Emotionally Safe


Tune in to this powerful episode to start learning to embody the securely attached version of you.

Dating gets so much easier when we start applying attachment theory frameworks to how we are showing up.

And you deserve to enjoy dating, and learn to start embodying secure attachment.

When we tune into how we want to feel; we can begin to rewire our brains to create more of that feeling.

Without identifying how we want to feel, we are lost like ships out to sea with no clear destination.

Speaking of feeling lost- are you lost on your journey to high self-worth and great relationships?

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