EP 268: Discussing Body Image, Healing, and Self-Love with Special Guest Ali Bonar


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You are in for a treat!

We have the one and only, Ali Bonar, CEO and Co-Founder of the company Oat Haus.

Ali has always inspired me with her vulnerability, and her commitment to her own healing.

Inside of today’s episode we talk about:

-The negative impacts of disordered eating on our mental health, and relationships

-Releasing shame and seeking help and support

-Taking ownership of our own healing within our relationships

Aaaaand so much more!

More about Ali:

Ali Bonar is CEO and co-founder of Oat Haus, a food company on a mission to bring fun & play back to food. Their flagship product, Granola Butter, is the world's first oat-based spread and was born out of Ali's eating disorder recovery. Oat Haus is available at over 1,200 stores, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Harris Teeter, The Fresh Market & more. Ali lives in Philadelphia with her partner Eric and their dog, Squishy.

Connect with Ali Here:




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