Is Your Marketing Even Working? w/ Christie Osborne


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Marketing is a crucial part of business, and that statement also applies to us in the wedding industry. But how can you tell if your marketing strategy is even working? Christie Osborne joins Taylor on the podcast today to chat about :

  • Sales and marketing funnels: what are they and how can a business owner get started in structuring their own funnel?
  • How can business owners determine the best channels to reach their target market?
  • What is at risk when skipping the evaluation stage of one’s advertising and marketing strategy?
  • How can smart business owners measure their return on investment? What tools can they use to track their progress?
  • How someone can identify (and solve) gaps in their sales and marketing funnel?

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Learn more about Christie Osborne:

Christie Osborne, proud data nerd, is the owner and founder of Mountainside Media, a consulting firm devoted to using market research, data, and analytics to support event professionals as they develop scalable marketing strategies to grow their business. Christie is dedicated to guiding the industry in a direction that ditches tired, old sales pitches and turns its focus on what really matters: turning data into dollars.
Her penchant for all-things-digital and a knack for critical thinking have made Christie into the analytics master that she is today, always prepared to dig into web metrics and refine a marketing strategy based on its ROI. Her approach marries website stats with social media data for an effective one-two punch of real, concrete analytics that are invaluable to her clients.

Beyond data-driven marketing analysis, Christie frequents the national speaker circuit where she shares her expertise onstage for organizations like NACE, Catersource, WIPA, and ABC. She is also a regular contributor to industry publications, including Special Events, Catersource, Sage Wedding Pros, and Wedding Business Magazine.

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