(Body + Soul) x Consciousness = A Thriving Planetary Ecosystem


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Let’s explore how to reorganize our inner terrain to better serve our own dear selves as well as those around us. You can do this by bringing your attention inside your body in order to sensitize, adjust and activate your energy system. It’s fun and healthy, and also promotes a thriving ecosystem on both the personal and planetary levels.
Most of us have been deeply trained from a young age that in order to make changes in ourselves and the world, we need to direct our efforts beyond the border of our body. In fact, it’s often considered an ethical responsibility to put our attention on the needs of other people and situations rather than our own self. We literally practice not listening to our true nature and directing our life force away from the soul’s guidance.
Our often external focus depletes us further due to the fact that it is based on inner assumptions that things have gone very wrong and that there are many problems that need fixing. This creates a pervasive layer of stress that underlies many people’s daily experience. If you think the world is in disarray and heading into further deterioration at every moment, that’s not a very relaxing perspective. It creates ongoing friction at the psychological, emotional and physical levels.

What if some of these root assumptions are just plain wrong? What if it’s up to each of us to cultivate different beliefs and expectations within ourselves in order to shift our experience of the so-called world? Our bodies, our lives, our neighbors, our governments and even our climate are a reflection of our mind projected outward so we can see, listen to, and support it. We have barely begun to understand the power we have right within our very bodies to shift this story; they hold the key that can open a door into a whole new experience with very little effort or upheaval.
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With this podcast you can access and regulate your developing light body. Within it are the keys to vast dimensions of information and adventure. It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s fun, and you can enter into it whenever you want from wherever you are.
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