Building the Light Body: synthesis of the cranial system, outerbody, kundalini & soul star


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Human evolution isn’t finished. It’s an ongoing process that can be entered into consciously. Your interest in this podcast alone means your energy system is in a state of accelerated change. Today, we’ll be working with many components that we’ve worked with in previous episodes: proprioceptive exercise, the cranial bones, outerbody layers, chakras, kundalini and the soul star. If any of these are new to you, I suggest going through at least the first 12 episodes before continuing with this one; this will prepare you to handle the accelerated energies.

As components of your energy system activate, they begin to synthesize and accelerate further to eventually operate as a coordinated vehicle, your light body. Let’s delve into this process consciously and find out more about how it feels and what it produces in our life.

No matter who you are, wherever you are, what you have or don’t have, for sure you have a body. And regardless of your health or condition, you can use it to access vast realms of experience you may not even yet imagine. That’s what light body activation is all about. It’s about bringing your attention to certain parts of your evolving self in order to utilize and enjoy them. Not only can this enrich your own life beyond measure, it contributes to a network of consciousness and energy that benefits our whole world.
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With this podcast you can access and regulate your developing light body. Within it are the keys to vast dimensions of information and adventure. It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s fun, and you can enter into it whenever you want from wherever you are.
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