Chakra Rotation & Expanded Dimensions of Space-Time


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Quantum physics has shown that our perception of time as a linear construct is simply not accurate. Even so, most of us base our whole life around a chronological context of time. We can barely imagine not utilizing it as a backdrop for all of our activities, thoughts and dreams. Space is also part of this distorted interpretation of reality that leads us to limit the breadth of our experience. Why do we continue to operate under these false constructs? Although our beliefs themselves could be considered a main factor here, the actual state of our body energy system keeps us locked into limited patterns of thought and creation. Let’s explore our chakras and find out how their amplitude and rotation can be used as keys to expand the dimensions of space-time.
The many components of our energy system provide the force to create our physical body. We can choose to bring our awareness into any of these components, or frequencies, in order to find out more about how it functions. In this episode you can journey further into your chakras, vortexes of energy that are generally centered in the etheric body. Usually chakras are described as being associated with a certain area of our physical body and being a certain color range, sound, etc. But chakras are very dynamic. Each one can come into various ranges of color, sound, spin and even location. And this has quite an impact on our experience.

Rather than just believe what I’m saying, I encourage you to use the following process as a framework to ascend into a direct experience of your chakras themselves. You can expand your sensitivity and then use your activated proprioceptive awareness to work with the chakras. This provides you with the capability to directly interact with this aspect of your expanding self. We will focus particularly on the rotation of the chakras and find out how that changes our relationship with time and space and the implications that can have on our lives.
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With this podcast you can access and regulate your developing light body. Within it are the keys to vast dimensions of information and adventure. It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s fun, and you can enter into it whenever you want from wherever you are.
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