Deepen Your Relationship with the Sun: Light, the Solar Plexus & Photosynthesis


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You can deepen your connection to the sun by initiating a conscious process of photosynthesis within your own body. You can use sunlight to create not only energy, but also new forms of consciousness. It can be a potent catalyst for your physiological and spiritual evolution.

There are a series of simple steps to this process, some that you’ve learned in previous episodes and some new additions. First, we expand the outerbody membranes and learn how to absorb and draw in sunlight. Then we go through some possibilities for how to store and distribute the energy.
One of the main areas of the body we work with is the solar plexus - there’s no mistake that it is called this! There is also a chakra related to the solar plexus chakra that you may not have worked with before called the spleen chakra; this lies near the lower left corner of your ribcage. These energy centers help us to gather and densify the energy of the sun into our bodies. And as your relationship with the sun deepens, you will each expand into new expressions of life. Perhaps the sun itself benefits from this new contact with you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.
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With this podcast you can access and regulate your developing light body. Within it are the keys to vast dimensions of information and adventure. It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s fun, and you can enter into it whenever you want from wherever you are.
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