Your Body: A Library of Information, Energy & Entertainment


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Learning how to enter into and work with your energy system is a process, an unfoldment. With practice you become more adept at expanding your frequencies, connecting with various components of your developing light body, and consciously orchestrating the symphony of your self.

Today we continue our journey into our selves, our bodies, in order to come into closer contact with the field of life force that permeates our world. You have a body, so why not journey into this library of information, energy and entertainment that’s with you every moment of every day. Besides being fun and healthy, it enriches the life of everyone and everything around you.
There is no right or wrong way to do these exercises, only a few guiding principles to bring you into a more expanded state so that you can interface with the vibrations of your body. And those main guiding principles are 1. slow motion movement and 2. encouraging a quality of elasticity. Rather than gleaning information from words, books, articles or classes, these will open access to your own inner library. This empowers you with the freedom to explore vast realms of information inside and outside of your own body.

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With this podcast you can access and regulate your developing light body. Within it are the keys to vast dimensions of information and adventure. It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s fun, and you can enter into it whenever you want from wherever you are.
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