Ep151: Return on investment with Justin Braithwaite


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Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast, I want to share a great conversation I had with Justin Braithwaite.

Justin is a newer agent. He's been a real estate agent in New York for the last two or three years, and he came to the real estate business as a way to assist in his real estate investing business to help him buy and flip homes.

That mindset of coming into something and thinking about it as a capital investment is an advantage that can really serve him well as he grows and expands his business. Most of the time, people coming into real estate don't think about the work they do to find business as a capital investment providing an ROI, they think about it as an expense, which has a very different feeling.

So, we spent a good portion of the time talking about how he can establish himself in an area of the 1,600 homes he would like to focus on. We talked about the ROI of that 'Getting Listings' work. Then we talked about the return on relationships with the top 150 people in his life. The 150 people who know him, like him, and trust him.

Like most people, he's not necessarily in contact with those 150 people, so we had a really great scenario-running conversation, looking at the results he could see over the next 12 months if he put those referrals steps in place.

There's a lot in this episode, and you're really going to enjoy this conversation.

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