Principles and Practices to Help You Transcend Any Challenge and Overcome Your Own Metaphorical Paralysis


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One part paraplegic athlete, one part musician, one part performance coach, one part mystic. These are the ingredients that make up the soul of Sam Morris. Blessed with an agile mind and an indomitable spirit, these are the traits that Sam helps his clients to cultivate. Having overcome the type of adversity that most people could never imagine, Sam shares the powerful mindset principles and embodiment practices that he has learned and developed so that his clients can adapt to and transcend any challenge and overcome their own metaphorical paralysis.


Hello, everyone! Sam Morris is on today's show. Today, we talk about Sam’s transformational experience, the moment of his enlightenment, and helping others grow. Sam also talks about transcending trauma, his journey with psychedelics, how psychadelics affect addictions, and the importance of forgiveness.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [10:11] Sam’s story.
  • [13:44] Thinking “why am I here?”
  • [17:08] Experiencing enlightenment.
  • [23:02] The eternal reminder.
  • [35:35] Teaching universal principles.
  • [37:55] “When are you going to get out of your trauma?”
  • [42:41] Psychadelic journeys.
  • [54:40] Psychadelics and addiction.
  • [55:58] Forgiveness and letting go of resentment.
  • [63:57] Sam’s magic statement.


  • “This soul is eternal. This experience that I’m having now is temporary.” [24:04]
  • “Life is suffering caused by our attachment to impermanent things, and if we can let go of our attachment to those impermanent things, then we can find freedom in this life rather than waiting for some afterlife.” [33:56]
  • “The foundation of forgiveness is love.” [59:26]
  • “Your presence is your greatest asset.” [64:19]

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