Who Are You? Understanding What Drives Your Purpose


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Are you ready to find your true self? Are you eager to understand the who’s and how’s of yourself?

Petia Kolibova is an alignment abundance coach. Her mission is to help women push through their internal limitations so they can align with who they truly are. She guides women to find and do what makes them feel good, allowing them to become the CEO in their lives and businesses. Petia also hosts a podcast, ‘Unapologetically Abundant’, where she interviews powerful individuals and provides tool to living a life of empowerment.

In this episode, Petia discusses how knowing who you truly are is the first step to understanding how you live. She explains the importance of the Human Design Chart and why she has incorporated in her personal and professional life.

Listen to learn about the importance of understanding yourself and those around you!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [14:31] How Petia attract people, who is Petia, and what lights her up
  • [18:23] Identifying the ‘shoulds’ and the danger of the ‘coulds’
  • [23:10] What is the human design chart?
  • [36:17] How our center’s effect how we perceive the world
  • [44:30] Appreciating the gifts we don’t understand
  • [48:32] The attraction of soul mates and clients

Standout Quotes from the Guest:

  • “When you are lit up you become a magnet’ [15:09]
  • “What is working for you might not be working for everyone” [42:25]
  • “Everything we are getting is everything we need” [46:10]
  • “You are perfectly made for your purpose” [1:00:39]

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