Make Mine Multiversity Episode 68: Annihilation Saga Part Four: So Your Wife Turned Into a Dragon


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Our coverage of the massive, mammoth ANNIHILATION SAGA continues. We're four episodes in, and the end is nowhere in sight! We've left the Annihilation War behind us. The bugs are gone. Kree space is pretty swiss cheesed and it's time for some well earned R&R...or at least it would be if the universe weren't instantly threatened by ANOTHER force in the pages of "Annihilation: Conquest: Prologue." Jake and Elias take a good look at that one-shot and, much like the last Annihilation conflict, dive right into a couple tangential but vital mini-series "Annihilation Conquest: Quasar" #1-4 and "Annihilation: Conquest: Starlord" #1-4. Reading in trade? All are found in the first trade, "Annihilation: Conquest: Book 1."

Next time, the conquest comes to an end, but the Saga does not. We'll be reading, in this order, "Nova" #4-7, "Annihilation Conquest: Wraith" #1-4, "Annihilation: Conquest" #1 & 2, "Nova" #8-10, "Nova" Annual #1, "Annihilation: Conquest" #3-5, "Nova" #11-12, "Annihilation: Conquest" #6. If you're reading in trade, "Nova" #4-7, "Conquest" and "Wraith" are all in "Annihilation: Conquest: Book Two" while the other "Nova" issues are found in "Nova" Vol. 2: Knowhere.

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