Make Mine Multiversity Episode 69: Annihilation Saga Part Five: Age of Ultron In Space


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The ANNIHILATION SAGA rages on! Though the war with the bugs has been fought and won, the war with the machines has just begun. Actually, that's a shorter war than the last one, and today's episode will bring us to the end of it. We are talking the second half of "Annihilation Conquest." That means discussion on "Nova" #4-12 and Annual #1, "Wraith" #1-4, and "Annihilation: Conquest" #1-6. But this is the far off galaxy in a Marvel book! This war may be wrapping up soon, but the next space war is right around the corner.

Next time, peace! Sort of. We'll be reading the first six issues of "Guardians of the Galaxy" by Abnett and Lanning, and "Nova" #13-22, also by Abnett and Lanning. As far as reading orders go, it doesn't get more straightforward than this. Seriously, keep an eye on this space, reading orders are going to get complicated. But for now, enjoy the origins of everyone's favorite superhero team that features a tree and a raccoon.

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