#143 Vulnerability and The Stories We Tell Ourselves


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I wrote the post below before I recorded today. After I had posted it, I realized that I needed to record more of what I was feeling about this podcast my husband and I listened to this morning. Tune in.

The episode featured Brene Brown on The Science of Success podcast episode. In my recording, I go off the rails here a bit talking about becoming the best versions of ourselves, and also my wellness program I am creating. I put it out there, it was scary, but I am all about changing my own narrative over here, and part of that is breaking down my fears. :) Hope you enjoy!

Original Post---I can’t say enough about Brene Brown. I got introduced to her during my yoga training, and haven’t stopped listening to her since. She zooms in on the vulnerability and shame we all feel which are two of some of the HARDEST subjects to face. I tell people over and over, the strongest humans are the ones that will look within, find a therapist, get help, and uncover patterns and habits that do not serve you, or the people around you. Even in myself this was not an easy lesson to swallow and accept. In this episode she talks a good bit about the stories we tell ourselves, which I believe right now will help a lot of people who are divided in our country and across globe. ( Even though I am so sick of talking about America... How’s the rest of the damn world doing). Ahem, anyways... The stories we tell ourselves have such power over us. They are the way we digest information. Information about others around us and ourselves. We have a tendency as humans to make up a story about someone else in any given situation, even if we don’t know that person. This is especially important in people with differing views. The stories we make up about them have the power to change HOW WE FEEL. How we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others. It opens up our eyes to judgement when you start to inspect the story you have woven about a situation involving yourself or something you are viewing from the sidelines. Example of one story-“Teresa hasn’t returned my Facebook Message... maybe I said something wrong in my text. Maybe she is offended or mad.” Another story- “Teresa is busy being a mom and working, she probably just overlooked it” One of these stories serves us and one doesn’t. Can you pick out which? Is there a time in your life that you have made up this exact same thing? Of course there is! Probably more often that you think! When you start to notice your gut reaction story, you can start to change the narrative! It



🏻important. Understanding that simple fact that we tell ourselves a story, and possibly opening the box to inspect that story, and why we told it the way we did in our minds. Wow. It has the capability to change our mindsets! Your mindset is everything. Literally, everything you do, the actions you take, and how you live your life comes from your mindset. The question is- How empathic, loving, kind, strong, courageous, confident, and vulnerable do you want to be? In my mind, those are the highest goals to achieve to be the best version of yourself. It takes WORK though, it is peeling back the layers of mental and physical patterns. Habits you have collected over the years. It is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards are a life you can look back on and really embrace and love. Knowing you tried to be the best person you can be. In the end, that is ALL that it boils down to anyways.

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