How to Believe in Yourself and Keep Going by Beth Brannan


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Beth Brannan talks about how to keep going and BELIEVE in yourself regardless of your past struggles in network marketing

Who is Beth Brannan?

Beth Brannan lost her mom at 16 years old and went into depression. She dropped out of school and became a hairdresser but was living a tough life. She had kids at an early age and went through domestic abuse.

Beth eventually got started in network marketing at 19 years old but she dabbled in it and never did much. She finally took it seriously when she turned 22.

Since then, she’s been a 6 figure earner and also has one of the fastest growing teams with her current company.

Beth Brannan's Favorite Quote

Every Mastery was a Disaster

Being perfect isn’t real and being real isn’t perfect.

Recommended Books by Beth Brannan

Go Pro by Eric Worre

Building An Empire by Brian Carruthers

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Money Mindset by Brian Carruthers

Beach Money by Jordan Adler

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