How to Plan Out Your Day to Get Maximize Results in Network Marketing by Javier De Miguel Coll


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Javier De Miguel Coll shares how to get started and achieve maximum results everyday in your network marketing business

Who is Javier De Miguel Coll?

Javier De Miguel Coll was studying to be a pilot and worked several jobs just to pay for his studies.

He worked at different hotels, bars, events, stores but never stayed at a job longer than 3 months because he was always bored.

Eventually he discovered network marketing but faced numerous of challenges from having his original upline quit on him, a company being shut down but nevertheless, Javier never quit.

Today he’s a 6 figure earner that has a global business with over 478 business parters and over 6000 customers.

Javier De Miguel Coll's Favorite Quote

"Believe my fear believe my servant"

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Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

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Phone, company video and then Zoom

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