Using the Consistent Chain to Overcome Procrastination by Jim Packard and George Campbell


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Jim Packard and George Campbell talks about how to stay consistent and productive using the Consistency Chain

Who are Jim Packard and George Campbell?

Jim Packard is a serial entrepreneur. In the traditional business sector, he turned a $500 investment into a 17 million dollar a year enterprise. When he was bought out by a Fortune 500 company, he turned his attention to MLM. He leveraged “relentless consistency” to becoming Distributor of the Year in two different network marketing companies.

Jim, earned 25k-30k a month in his last company. He built a team of 15K and a customer base of 40K.

George Campbell would be Jim’s biggest nightmare. George appears to be the perfect team member. After a successful comedy career, he moved to the world of professional speaking. His program, “Joe Malarkey, The Worst Motivational Speaker in America,” earned him induction into the Speaker’s Hall of Fame, a profile piece on 60 Minutes, and a front-page feature story in the LA Times. And as a network marketer though, he was a train wreck.

George and Jim represent the two extremes of the MLM experience and speak to the REAL differences between them, and most importantly, how to overcome them. They are co-authors of the book, The Consistency Chain for Network Marketing

Favorite Quote

Every discipline affects every other discipline

Persistence till get you there. Consistency will keep you there

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The Consistency Chain by Jim Packard and George Campbell

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Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got

How to Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

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Accountability App (coming out)

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