Effective Prayers with Godwin Arisa


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While part of a leadership group that grew a congregation of 7 people to over 250 members within a short time, Godwin Arisa was first ordained a deacon in 1994 and has been a servant leader since. In the spring of 1995, at a time of severe desperation and search for God in his life, Godwin had a profound encounter with God that was accompanied by extra-terrestrial-like manifestations that lasted for three weeks. During this period, he reports of spontaneous and unrehearsed prayers and songs of praises around the clock even while he slept. Sensations of a different kind of light pouring down on Godwin from above were also common at this time. Says he, "It felt like an intense spotlight that only I could feel and see occasionally." Godwin Arisa has been a worship leader, Bible class and Sunday school teacher, Vice President of the board of deacons, and often a featured speaker during Sunday worship services. He was the co-founder of, International Christian Church of the Nazarene, in Richardson, Texas. He is married with three adult children and employed as an accountant holding bachelor and graduate degrees in the field. At this point in his life, Godwin is focused on sharing his experiences of God through his writings, teachings, and speaking of the awesome wonders in love that God avails to his people. Godwin is adamant that it is available to anyone who believes. Says he, "I am on a mission to blare as with a trumpet, to anyone who is seeking the keys to the joys and victories of life with God, that he is willing and ready to give you a taste of the kind of love, grace, and power that will upend any obstacles in your life and confirm to you that with him all things are possible, if you believe, and call on him in truth. You can find Godwin online: https://theprayercloset.net/

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