Good Morning God! with Lisa Sterling


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You are invited along on a journey. Sit back and relax, and let your senses take over as you escape. As you start reading, you will soon discover and experience the fullness of Gods word from a totally different perspective. You will experience the fullness of Gods word as it comes alive through scripture. You will find yourself soaking in the colors as your eyes take in a visual feast, and when you are done, you will remember what its like to feel and see like a child again. When asked herself, Lisa says "I am a 48-year-old woman. I have 2 teenagers. one graduated from h.s. last year. I am a sexual assault survivor since age 8. I was married for 25 years to a wonderful Christian man who was disabled due to spina bifida. After 10 years of marriage, we decided to have kids and eventually went through in vitro which didnt take and after 4 tries we turned to adoption. We ended up adopting 2 years later after fostering them for a year. My husband died in 2017. In the midst of grieving, I went through many experiences, both good and bad. Three years later I am doing a little bit better."

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