Poetry In the Spirit with John Givens


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A poem a day may not keep the doctor away, but thumbing through the pages of this book from time to time will encourage your heart. Poetry In The Spirit was written by former Marine Senior Drill Instructor and Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, John L. Givens III. John will tell you that he never had a poetic bone in his body, before the Holy Spirit woke him up one day and said encourage my people through poetry that I will give you in the Spirit. John began to write as the Spirit directed him, sometimes with rhyme and sometimes just an encouraging word or dream. Many of the emotions that are captured in this book are based upon John and his powers of observation and sound biblical understanding, which he acquired from his home Church and the radio airwaves around his southern California community. John has been a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1993 and currently serves as an Associate Minister at St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Oceanside California. If you would like to contact John, he can be reached at johnlgivens3@gmail.com. The book is available on Amazon.com

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