Talking to Director Carlos Camargo about new movie 'End of Youth'


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A faith-based, tribulation story about defiance set in the near future. Inspired by the global humanitarian crisis of Christian persecution. Plot Jonathan, our hero, is a young twenty-something who (like everyone else) works for the government. His job exists to oppress others on behalf of the state. The one glimmer of humanity left in his life is his father, a widower who lost his wife during a pandemic. One day, Jonathan stops hearing from his father. Days turn to weeks with no contact. Knowing full well that his father may have been reported and removed from society, Chris risks his “freedom” to go in search of his father, only to discover for himself what happens to the criminal class in this new world, and in the process discovering the true meaning of freedom. Genre To properly categorize this project, this is an eschatology sci-fi thriller. The story and some of the prominent themes akin to Shawshank Redemption meets Image of the Beast or Left Behind. A story of perseverance, resistance against human corruption, and the pursuit of individual freedom. WATCH THE TRAILER: Follow on INSTAGRAM:

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