The Red Horse: War Against God's Government with Connie Anderson


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Symbols are a part of our society. But where words change biblical symbols remain the same. In her study of symbols, author Connie Anderson used a literal meaning of a word, unless the word is a number or symbol. Fish, for instance, is associated with the words of Jesus, who invites us to be fishers of men, not real sharks, crabs, or clown fish. Symbols anciently explained events in world history. Indicating God is revealing his plan, Anderson details the differences between how the Holy Spirit guided the world as the Berlin wall fell in Germany, the Iron Curtain was raised in Russia, and one man took on an armored tank on Tiananmen Square in China along with a vastly different outcome as Lucifer instigates bitterness and revenge on September 11, 2001. Anderson unveils the scene in Heaven, as the Heavenly courtroom is opened to view. She hopes to provide prophecy as comfort as Michael stands up to defend those whose names are in his book. You are protected by your Bridegrooms friends on 200,000,000 white horses. The Red Horse shares her faith in finding symbols that God cares and the devil destroys as she examines the laws of God and reaffirms Jesus has sent us many comforters! Available on

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