The Secret is Revealed with Yzabel Gance


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Join me as I spend time with Yzabel Gance about her newest book "DIVINE AMBROSIA: How to Live in Miracles--Great Alchemists' Secret Golden Alchemical Mantra." A book about how you can transcend your life into a Divine miracle of splendor: expansion and abundance, through self-application of Great Alchemists' secret Golden Alchemical Mantra (GAM), metaphysical psychology, philosophy, Hermetic art (Alchemical Science), the Divine Laws and wisdom (God's tricks and treats). Visit ABOUT Widely regarded as a psychologist, educator, linguist, and insurance business owner, Dr. Gance has served Orange County College and CSU System. Since 1995, she has worked as a professor for numerous California state universities. She is also actively involved in the academic community and is a member of the Fulbright Scholarship Society, National Dean’s Honor Society and Lambda Alpha Honor Society, U.S. Certified Wine Sommelier Association, American Psychological Society, and Jungian Psychological Association. In recognition of her commitment to humanistic research, Dr. Gance previously received numerous awards from the Antereiner’s Professional Humanistic Research Honor Society, and the Professional Enhancement Award at the South Western CSU system Symposium. Dr. Gance is an author of several wisdom books and she was invited by the LA Times Book Festival in 2010 as a chosen Author of the Year. Since 2006, she has been featured in numerous editions of Who’s Who in America.

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