Unraveling the Family History of Jesus with Steven Norris


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Steven Norris is 72 years old. He grew up in Iowa but came to California for college. He has lived there ever since 1967. He graduated in Theology from Pomona College in Claremont, CA and then went to seminary at the School of Theology in the same town. He and his mother became interested in genealogy in 1970 when his maternal grandfather was about to die. It subsequently became a lifelong hobby. In the process, he discovered after many years of research that he was related to the wider family of Jesus. From this knowledge, he decided to write a history of the family of Jesus which eventually became the book. The book was and is still a hobby for Steven. He had originally thought he would like to be a professor of theology but got into the retail industry shortly after college. He moved up through ranks and became a store manager for a major California Department store. Then in 1986, he moved to become a store manager at the Target stores, where he ran two stores. He left the retail industry and became a real estate appraiser about 30 years ago, a profession which he continues until today. As such he is free to set his own schedule and pursue whatever other interests he has, including his passion for genealogy. This process, as just noted, led to the writing of his book, Unraveling the Family History of Jesus.

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