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Mommy Love Records Podcast is back with a new format. How it works? One night per month received here in the studio 3 DJs / Producers, and transmit live on Livestream platform where everyone can follow live with an audio quality and first video. Viewers can experience a different and unique to the genuine European standard experience. Received special guests to enjoy together here in the studio. Taste good drinks and enjoy great quality music all night. Presentation: Mohana Amorim * No Cellphones * We will be recording all the memories for you during this time staying at the studio, take the opportunity to hang out with people who are with you, enjoy and have a unique sound experience without worrying about the world outside. "Less Selfies, More Relaxing" Lost the transmission or want to watch again? don't worry the entire transmission will be available on our youtube channel right after the end of transmission.

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